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About Archie - Digital Collections @ KUMC

5 Reasons to put your work in Archie - Digital Collections @ KUMC

  1. Your research gets promoted, but we do the work!
    • Dykes Library staff will add your content for you - send us your publications list/vita, or contact us to discuss other materials you wish to include. When possible, we will contact publishers on your behalf to negotiate rights for adding your research to Archie - Digital Collections @ KUMC. We can also provide training for you or someone in your department if you would prefer to add your own content.
    • If you wish to add a logo for your project or customize the look of your collection in Archie, we will work with you to do that too.
  2. Makes your stuff easily findable on the Web
    • Contribution to your institution's repository can increase the visibility and citation impact of the institution's scholarship. Research impact is no longer solely determined by traditional journals. (OpCit Project, 2007)
    • When you store your content in Archie, it is instantly open to the world in a number of ways. Archie provides a number of ways to browse and search content. Content in Archie can also be found through Google and other major search engines. Try it. Of course, you can also restrict access to your collection if necessary.
    • Metadata and content can be harvested by other institutions who wish to include it in their own repositories.
    • RSS feeds are available for any Community or Collection in Archie.
    • Links to your content in Archie never break. Instead, if you move or delete your content, Archie displays a "tombstone" record that can be redirected to your content's new home.
  3. Collects your department's work all in one place.
  4. Promotes KUMC as a leading institution for scholarship and research in patient care and the health sciences.
  5. Easily add stuff and get it back out again
    • You and your colleagues or staff can add content, as well as edit and review metadata using simple web forms.
    • If you have a large collection of files to add at once, we can batch import all your content and metadata at one time. We can also export your content and metadata for migration to a different system.

Criteria and what can be included

Priority is given to works that are created, produced, or sponsored by University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) faculty, students, staff, or academic and research departments/centers.

Works will be research or scholarly in nature, focusing on research, education, or patient care in the health sciences.

Consideration will be given to non-KUMC organizations, groups, or individuals who wish to include their works in Archie and meet one of the following criteria:

  1. The organization, group, or individual has a former or current affiliation with KUMC.
  2. The works under consideration are specific to the state of Kansas and focus on topics in the health sciences.

Will I be able to search my content?

Yes. Archie searches Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and OpenOffice formats, PDF, HTML, and other textual formats.

Archie also searches the structured metadata stored with your content, making audio, video, and image files more discoverable than they would be on a typical web site.

Additionally, Archie takes advantage of the metadata to provide Subject and Author browsing.

Content in Archie can also be found through Google and other major search engines. Try it.

How can I participate?

If you or your group has print or digital content that you would like to preserve or make available to a broader audience on the web, please email us at, or contact your department's liaison to find out how you and/or your department can be included in Archie - Digital Collections @ KUMC.

We'll work with you to set up workflows and appropriate permissions for content to be approved, edited, tagged with metadata, and viewed. If you like homework, we have simple instructions available to help walk you through the process. Our team can also provide many services such as professional-quality scanning and metadata creation to help you get your content online.

Who can access/view content in Archie - Digital Collections @ KUMC?

Access to your content can be customized according to your needs. The Library's aim is to provide open access to content whenever possible, but, if needed, access can be restricted to only specific people (aka your "Community"), or to any person with a KUMC UserID.

What you need to know before publishing - copyright, open access, and more

Learn more here.

About Archie

Archie - Digital Collections @ KUMC is KUMC's "institutional repository". Archie is a combination of web technology and archival services provided by Dykes Library and Information Resources for KUMC faculty, staff, students, and partners.

Archie is built on the open-source DSpace software developed by MIT and HP and is widely used by hundreds of institutions worldwide.

DSpace is a Java application. Metadata is stored in a Postgresql database. Archived files are preserved as bitstream objects in the file system. Visit the DSpace web site for more information.


Last modified: Sep 10, 2018