The One - University Open Access Fund at The University of Kansas

KU's One-University Open Access Fund program is designed to heighten the visibility and accessibility of the University's scholarship. The fund, $50,000 over two years, supports KU authors who publish in open access journals. This is a two-year pilot program, with funding divided evenly between each year.

The Open Access Fund is made possible by contributions from the offices of KU Provost, Dr. Jeffrey Vitter; Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Studies, Dr. Steve Warren; Acting KUMC Executive Vice Chancellor, Dr. Steve Stites; and Dr. Paul Terranova, KUMC Vice Chancellor for Research.

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 6, 2014, the $25,000 established for the second year of the open access fund is now fully encumbered. If this fund is a valuable service to you, and you support its continuation, please let us know by emailing us - - with your comments and suggestions.

How to apply:  The application process will re-open on November 1st.

See the Authors Fund Awards Report for a list of previous awardees.

Author Eligibility

KU, KUMC, and KU Law faculty, graduate students, post-docs and staff on the KU main campus in Lawrence and the Medical Center campuses in Kansas City, Wichita, and Salina are eligible for funding.

Authors requesting funds, as well as the lead, or primary, author (if applicable) of the publication, must be a KU employee or student.

Funding covers costs of article processing fees only (no page or color charges), up to $2000 per article.

Article & Journal Eligibility

Eligible articles must:

  • Be a peer-reviewed article submitted to an open access journal.
  • Have Publication Status of either "submitted-for-publication" or "accepted-for-publication". Funds will not be encumbered for articles that are still being written.
  • Not have been published prior to the authors' request for funds. Already-published articles are ineligible.

Eligible journals must:

  • Provide unfettered access to all peer-reviewed articles. Journals with a hybrid open-access model or delayed open-access model are not eligible.
  • Be published by a member organization of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association OR adhere to its Code of Conduct.
  • Have a standard article fee schedule publicly posted.
  • Be listed in the Directory of Open Access JournalsExceptions to DOAJ listing may be made if the journal meets other criteria and the OA funding review members verify that the journal is credible.

Fund Cap, Disbursement and Administration

Fund Cap

The One - University Open Access Fund is a two-year pilot program with a total of $50,000 to be shared across campuses.

Half of this amount, $25,000, will be distributed in Year 1 beginning November, 2012.

Funding will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Funds may be used to pay article processing charges up to $2000 per article, but not color, page, or image charges.

A requesting author may use the fund once in a one year period. There is no funding rollover.

Fund disbursement

Requests may be made upon article submission or immediately upon acceptance.

Once a request has been approved, the requesting author may direct the journal to send the invoice to the KU Libraries contact, or you may send a publisher's invoice to

Funds may be paid only to publishers' invoices or transferred to a designated KU/KUMC departmental or grant account. Individual authors will not be reimbursed or paid for retroactive publications.

Additional Criteria

Articles will be considered only if there is no other source of funding available. The fund is a limited resource intended to support open access publishing across the university. We expect researchers to request funding for open access publication from their funding agency if they can do so. For example, the National Institutes of Health and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will fund open access publications as part of their research grants. If such funds are not available, we welcome your application.

If funds are encumbered for a submitted manuscript that is later not accepted, those funds will then be released back to the fund for disbursement to accepted articles.

KU/KUMC libraries will upload the published version of each funded article to their respective digital repositories, KU ScholarWorks or Archie.

Fund Administration

Librarians from the KU, KU Law, and KUMC libraries will administer and assess the program with oversight provided by Dr. Steven Warren, Dr. Paul Terranova, Dr. Lorraine Haricombe, Dean, KU Libraries, and Michael Harmelink, Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Resources/Chief Information Officer.


Last modified: Oct 17, 2014