Research Program

Our Objectives

  • Ensure sustainable access to KUMC research output.
  • Promote expertise of and collaborations among researchers, departments and centers.
  • Provide online publishing and content preservation for researchers, schools, and departments.
  • Strengthen the impact of KUMC research through the Meet Our Experts program which increases visibility of faculty and organizational research output.
  • Be a partner in campus-wide data management initiatives.

Our Products and Services

Where should I publish? (Lead: Crystal)

We provide: consulting, OA education, impact metrics.
For: All researchers (Faculty, Students, Staff).

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Decoding author rights (Lead: Crystal)

We provide: education, awareness, consulting, open access data for decision-making.
For: All researchers (Faculty, Students, Staff).

Outcomes: KU One-University Open Access Fund

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Sharing KUMC research output (Networks, Collaboration and Curation) (Leads: Rachel, Jason)

We provide: data, metadata creation, curation, preservation, and self-publishing.
For: All researchers, administrators, and External Affairs.

How do I manage my data? (Leads: Rachel, Jason)

We provide: consulting, education, metadata creation, and preservation.
For: All researchers (Faculty, Students, Staff).

Research Team Contacts

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