Library Computer Policy

The Library computers are open for use to the public. By using one of these computers it is assumed that the person has agreed to the following policies. Failure to adhere to the policies may result in the revocation of the individual's ability to use the facilities.

  1. The use of equipment in the Library for transmission of information disparaging to others based on race, origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or political belief is not permitted under any circumstances. Likewise, Library equipment cannot be used to solicit or proselytize others for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or for personal gain. This use is not limited to hardware but includes all Web-based activity and electronic mail. Any person caught using the computers to disseminate disparaging information will lose all rights to use the Library.
  2. To ensure adherence to software licensing laws, only authorized staff shall be allowed to install software on computers that are available for student use.
  3. All material downloaded or copied electronically must adhere to existing copyright laws. Any person failing to adhere to existing copyright laws could lose his/her right to use the facilities.
  4. To prevent accidental destruction of the electronic equipment, no food or drink is allowed near Library Computers. There is a designated area for food and drinks located in the southwest corner of the library on the main level.
  5. All information that students wish to save must be saved on some external storage media. The Library is not responsible for any items stored on the computer hard drives since the hard drives are erased daily.
  6. A student is responsible for the cost of all materials that they submit to the printers. This includes materials printed in error.
  7. To ensure the availability of computers to all students as an academic resource, the Student Governing Council has endorsed a policy which states that no games will be installed on the computers in the Library. Any installation of games on Library hardware could result is loss of the individual's right to use the facilities.
  8. All Internet material viewed and created in the Library must adhere to the Appropriate Use of Information Systems Policy and the Internet Use Policy created by Information Resources. The Appropriate Use of Information Systems Policy is found here.
    The Internet Use Policy can be found here.

Last modified: Apr 23, 2015