Volunteers at Dykes Library

There was a question raised, "Can we use volunteers at the library?" by one of our staff members. The easy answer is "yes", the hard part of that answer is what will/would a volunteer do?

The volunteer program at KUMC is managed by Volunteer Services for both the University and the Hospital and can be reached at 913-588-6560. The Volunteer Services Office requires the following:

  • Attendance at a 1 ½ hour safety orientation
  • TB test
  • Check-in and check-out in the Volunteer Services office

Volunteers are provided with validation in the garage parking and a $5.00 coupon for the cafeteria.

Now for us the hard question of "What would a volunteer do?" needs to be answered. We must all remember that volunteers are just that, a VOLUNTEER. If they want to be gone, there is no reason that they can not. They may not want to volunteer for several days or weeks. They aren't here for long periods of time. Volunteers can be invaluable, but mission critical work should not be a part of what they do, or we should have fall back alternatives for that mission critical work if a volunteer decides not to do volunteering.

Last modified: Sep 19, 2014