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One University Open Access Author Fund Awards

Source: KU OA Author Fund Working Group

Awards: July 2017 - June 2018
Name Dept/Campus Position Journal Article Publisher Fee
Radwan Ajlan Ophthalmology/KUMC Faculty American Journal of Ophthalmology Case Reports MRI visualization of optic nerve avulsion due to ocular perforation from BB gun Elsevier $824.81
Babalola Faseru Preventive Medicine/KUMC Faculty Trials Changing the Default for Tobacco-Cessation Treatment in an Inpatient Setting: Study Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial BioMedCentral $1,500
Viswa Gangeddula Physical Therapy & Rehabiliation/KUMC Graduate Student Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Effect of Cognitive Demand on Functional Visual Field Performance in Senior Drivers with Glaucoma Frontiers $1,500
Salman Waheed Cardiology/KUMC Graduate Student Openheart Association of QT Interval with Mortality by Kidney Function: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) BMJ $1,500
Prabhakar Bastola Cancer Biology/KUMC Graduate Student Cell Death Discovery Specific Mutations in the D1–D2 Linker Region of VCP/p97 Enhance ATPase Activity and Confer Resistance to VCP Inhibitors Nature $1,500
Rajasingh Johnson Cardiovascular Research Institute/KUMC Faculty Scientific Reports Optical-Flow Based Non-invasive Analysis of Cardiomyocyte Contractility Nature $350
Mingxing Li Linguistics/Lawrence Graduate Student Laboratory Phonology Perceptual Distinctiveness between Dental and Palatal Sibilants in Different Vowel Contexts and its Implications for Phonological Contrasts Ubiquity Press $396
Allard Jongman Linguistics/Lawrence Faculty The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Just Noticeable Differences for Pitch Direction, Height, and Slope for Mandarin and English Listeners Acoustical Society of America $500
Jason Rucker Physical Therapy & Rehabiliation/KUMC Faculty PLOS ONE Multitasking in Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Analysis PLOS $650
Susan Brock Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunology/KUMC Graduate Student Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology Francisella tularensis Confronts the Complement System Frontiers $750
Jessica Williams Health Policy & Management/KUMC Faculty PLOS ONE Examining Public Knowledge and Preferences for Adult Preventive Services Coverage PLOS $1,495
Caleb Grote Orthopedic Surgery/KUMC Faculty BioResearch Open Access Pseudotumor from Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty Causing Unilateral Leg Edema: Case Presentation and Literature Review Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. $1,200
Christina Amaro Clinical Child Psychology Program/Lawrence Graduate Student PLOS ONE "Are you gonna publish that?" Peer-reviewed publication outcomes of doctoral dissertations in psychology Public Library of Science $1,495
Nicholas Isom Cardiovascular Diseases/KUMC Graduate Student American Journal of Case Reports Right Ventricular Heart Failure from A Cardiac Yolk Sac Tumor ISI Journals $950
Folashade Agusto Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Faculty BMC Infectious Disease Transmission Dynamics for Methicilin-resistant Staphalococous areus with Injection Drug Users BioMed Central $1,575
Xiangxiong Kong Civil, Environmental, and Architectural/Lawrence Graduate Student Sensors Image registration-based bolt loosening detection of steel joints Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute $1,491.51
Aniket Rali Cardiovascular Diseases/Lawrence Graduate Student American Journal of Case Reports Hemoptysis after CardioMEMS Implantation: Case Report and a Review International Scientific Information, Inc. $950
Mary E. Morningstar Special Education/Lawrence Faculty AERA Open (American Educational Research Association) Including College and Career Readiness within a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Framework Sage Publications $200
Melike Kahya Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science/KUMC Graduate Student Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Pupillary response to cognitive demand in Parkinson's disease Frontiers $1,500
Daniel Reis Psychology/Lawrence Graduate Student PLOS ONE The anxiolytic effect of probiotics: A systematic review and meta-analysis of the clinical and preclinical literature Public Library of Science $1,495
Muhammad Aziz Internal Medicine/KUMC Graduate Student Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine Pseudoephedrine induced ischemic colitis: A case report and review of literature Hindawi $550
John A. Stanford Molecular and Integrative Physiology/KUMC Faculty Cell Transplantation Short Term Development and Fate of MGE-Like Neural Progenitor Cells in Jaundiced and Non-Jaundiced Rat Brain Sage Publications $1,500
Shengnan Li Psychology/Lawrence Graduate Student Cogent Psychology Development of a Chinese and American Scale for Measuring Spirituality Taylor and Francis $625

Awards: July 2016 - June 2017
Name Dept/Campus Position Journal Article Publisher Fee
Esmeralda Valdivieso Psychology/Lawrence Graduate Student Frontiers in Psychology A Systematic Review of the Relationship between Familism and Mental Health Outcomes in Latino Population Frontiers $950
Michael Cooper Anatomy and Cell Biology/KUMC Graduate Student Frontiers in Neuroscience Emerging Relationships between Exercise, Sensory Nerves, and Neuropathic Pain Frontiers $1,500
Carla Sabus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science/KUMC Faculty Journal of Healthcare Leadership Innovative Physical Therapy Practice: A Qualitative Verification of Factors that Support Diffusion of Innovation in Outpatient Physical Therapy Practice Dove $1,500
Aili Breda Psychology/Lawrence Graduate Student Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine Expectations Regarding Aging, Physical Activity, and Physical Function in Older Adults Sage $600
Michele Pritchard Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics/KUMC Faculty BioMed Research International Evidence for a "Pathogenic Triumvirate" in Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis in Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease Hindawi $1,000
Kyungjin Min Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Graduate Student Frontiers in Microbiology Carbon Availability Modifies Temperature Responses of Heterotrophic Microbial Respiration, Carbon Uptake Affinity, and Stable Carbon Isotope Discrimination Frontiers $1,500
Jennifer Cauble Dietetics and Nutrition/KUMC Graduate Student BMC Pediatrics Validity of Anthropometric Equations to Estimate Infant Fat Mass at Birth and in Early Infancy BioMed Central $1,500
Chuanwu Zhang Biostatistics/KUMC Graduate Student BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth Subgroup Identification of Early Preterm Birth (ePTB): Informing a Future Prospective Enrichment Clinical Trial Design BioMed Central $1,500
Prachee Avasthi Anatomy and Cell Biology/KUMC Faculty mSphere Flagellar Synchronization is a Simple Alternative to Cell Cycle Synchronization for Ciliary and Flagellar Studies American Society for Microbiology $1,500
Zheng Wang Clinical Child Psychology Program/Lawrence Faculty International Journal of Molecular Sciences Increased Force Variability is Associated with Altered Modulation of the Motorneuron Pool Activity in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) MDPI $891
Mohammad-Ali Jazayeri Cardiovascular Research Institute/KUMC Faculty HeartRhythm Case Reports Subcutaneous Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Placement in a Patient with a Preexisting Transvenous Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Elsevier $600
Anusha Vittal Internal Medicine/KUMC Graduate Student Case Reports in Oncological Medicine Are All Mutations The Same? A Rare Case Report of Coexisting Mutually Exclusive KRAS and BRAF Mutations in a Patient with Metastatic Colon Adenocarcinoma Hindawi $500
Jordan Craig Bioengineering - Landon Center on Aging/KUMC Graduate Student Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation Instrumented Balance and Walking Assessments in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis Show Strong Test-Retest Reliability BioMed Central $600
Evangelia Chrysikou Psychology/Lawrence Faculty Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to Enhance Creative Cognition: Interactions between Task, Polarity, and Stimulation Site Frontiers $575

Awards: January 2016 - June 2016
Name Dept/Campus Position Journal Article Publisher Fee
A. Townsend Peterson Biodiversity Institute/Lawrence Faculty BMC Research Notes MERS-CoV geography and ecology in the Middle East: analyses of reported camel exposures and a preliminary risk map BioMed Central $1,305
Rafe Brown Biodiversity Institute & EEB/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Polyphyly of Asian Tree Toads, Genus Pedostibes Günther, 1876 (Anura: Bufonidae), and the Description of a New Genus from Southeast Asia Public Library of Science $1,495
Yuqin Shang Chemistry/Lawrence Faculty Scientific Reports Integrated Microfluidic Lectin Barcode Platform for High-Performance Focused Glycomic Profiling Nature Publishing Group $1,495
Steven LeVine Molecular and Integrative Physiology/KUMC Faculty BMC Medicine Albumin and Multiple Sclerosis BioMed Central $1,500
Michele Pritchard Toxicology and Therapeutics, The Liver Center/KUMC Faculty Fibrogenesis and Tissue Repair Differential effects of hyaluronan synthase 3 deficiency after acute vs chronic liver injury in mice BioMed Central $1,500
Amber Watts Psychology/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Intra-individual Variability of Physical Activity in Older Adults with and without Mild Alzheimer's Disease Public Library of Science $1,495
Jesse Grismer Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Graduate Student BMC Evolutionary Biology The Eurasian Invasion: Phylogenomic data reveal multiple Southeast Asian origins for Indian Dragon Lizards. BioMed Central $1,500
Abdallah Samy Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Graduate Student PLOS ONE Climate Change Influences on the Global Potential Distribution of Bluetongue Virus Public Library of Science $500
Wai-Lun Chan Physics & Astronomy/Lawrence Faculty Scientific Reports Growing Ultra-flat Organic Films on Graphene with a Face-on Stacking via Moderate Molecule-Substrate Interaction Nature Publishing Group $1,495
Nathan Locke Urology/KUMC Graduate Student Journal of Endourology Case Reports Inferior Vena Cava Filter Erosion Causing Symptomatic Obstructive Hydronephrosis Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. $500
Hiroshi Nishimune Anatomy and Cell Biology/KUMC Faculty Scientific Reports Dual-color STED microscopy reveals a sandwich structure of Bassoon and Piccolo in active zones of adult and aged mice Nature Publishing Group $1,495
Deborah Smith Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Faculty Ecology and Evolution Population genetic evidence for sex-specific dispersal in an inbred social spider Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell $1,560
Rebecca Lepping Hoglund Brian Imaging Center/KUMC Faculty PLOS ONE Neural Processing of Emotional Musical and Nonmusical Stimuli in Depression Public Library of Science $1,495
Eric J. Deeds Center for Computational Biology/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Mathematical Model for Length Control by the Timing of Substrate Switching in the Type III Secretion Public Library of Science $1,500
Susan Carlson Health Professions, Dietetics and Nutrition/KUMC Faculty BMC Pediatrics Dietary Patterns of Early Childhood and Maternal Socioeconomic Status in a Unique Prospective Sample from a Randomized Controlled Trial of Prenatal DHA Supplementation BMC $775
Tera Fazzino Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Public Health/KUMC Faculty JMIR Cancer Alcohol Intake Among Breast Cancer Survivors: Change in Alcohol Use During a Weight Management Intervention JMIR Publications $1,605
Alexandra Brown Medicine, Biostatistics/KUMC Faculty Trials A Bayesian Comparative Effectiveness Trial in Action: Developing a Platform for Multisite Study Adaptive Randomization BioMed Central $1,575
Samuel Asante Medicine, Neurosurgery/KUMC Graduate Student Surgical Neurology International Intradural-Extramedullary Isolated Compressive Sarcoid Lesion Wolters Kluwer $180
Sarah Galvis Engineering, Bioengineering/Lawrence Graduate Student Scoliosis and Spinal Disorders The Effect of Scoliotic Deformity on Spine Kinematics in Adolescents BioMed Central $1,500
Irfan Saadi Medicine, Anatomy and Cell Biology/KUMC Faculty Scientific Reports SPECC1L Deficiency Results in Increased Adherens Junction Stability and Reduced Cranial Neural Crest Cell Delamination Nature Publishing Group $1,495
Alison Gabriele College of Library Arts and Sciences, Linguistics/Lawrence Faculty Frontiers in Psychology Syntactic Constraints and Individual Differences in Native and Non-Native Processing of Wh-Movement Frontiers $1,425

Awards: June 2015 - December 2015
Name Dept/Campus Position Journal Article Publisher Fee
Kimberly Engelman Preventive Medicine & Public Health/KUMC Faculty BMC Research Notes Health Status among Black African-born Women in Kansas City: a Preliminary Assessment BioMed Central $1,330
Jennifer Gleason Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/ Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Development of a genomic resource and quantitative trait loci mapping of male calling traits in the lesser wax moth, Achroia grisella Public Library of Science $1,495
Catherine Siengsukon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science/KUMC Faculty Nature and Science of Sleep Sleep characteristics of individuals with chronic stroke: a pilot study Dove Medical Press $1,500
Kyle Smith Neurosurgery/ KUMC Graduate Student Surgical Neurology International Delayed Intraventricular Metastasis of Clival Chordoma Wolters Kluwer - Medknow $80
Christophe Nicot Pathology/ KUMC Faculty Journal of Hematology & Oncology Small PARP inhibitor PJ-34 induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of adult T-cell leukemia cells BioMed Central $1,500
Catherine Siengsukon PTRS/ KUMC Faculty Frontiers in Neurology Sleep Parameters, Functional Status, and Time Post-Stroke are Associated with Offline Motor Skill Learning in People with Chronic Stroke Frontiers $1,425

Awards: January 2015 - May 2015
Name Dept/Campus Position Journal Article Publisher Fee
Rutherford Goldstein Psychology/Lawrence Graduate Student Frontiers in Psychology The influence of clustering coefficient on word-learning: how groups of similar sounding words facilitate acquisition Frontiers Media $977
Babalola Faseru Preventive Medicine and Public Health/KUMC Faculty BMC Public Health Relationships between sexual violence and chronic disease: a cross-sectional study BioMedCentral $1,500
Joseph Pacheco Family Medicine and Center for American Indian Community Health/KUMC Faculty International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Ensuring Healthy American Indian Generations for Tomorrow through Safe and Healthy Indoor Environments Basel : Molecular Diversity Preservation International $1,500
Sarah Wildgen Chemistry/Lawrence Graduate Student Biosensors Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators for Rapid Label-Free Biosensing in Small Volume Droplets MDPI $297
Amanda S. Bruce Pediatrics/KUMC Faculty PLOS ONE Neurofunctional Correlates of Ethical, Food-Related Decision-Making Public Library of Science $1,350
David M. Flores Urology/KUMC Graduate Student Urology Case Reports Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Needle Aspiration of a Prostatic Abscess: Salvage Treatment After Failed Transurethral Resection Elsevier $600
Rachel Craft Sociology/Lawrence Graduate Student BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Ethnic Differences in Medicinal Plant Use among University Students: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Self-Reported Medicinal Plant Use at Two Midwest Universities BioMed Central $1,202.50
Hyesun Cho Education/Lawrence Faculty English Language Teaching Teachers' Perceived Challenges of Employing Critical Literacy Canadian Center of Science and Education $400
Frank Dong Preventive Medicine and Public Health/KUMC Faculty Open Journal of Preventive Medicine Disparities in Oral Health among School-aged Children in Kansas Scientific Research Publishing $999
Jack Colicchio Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity Institute / Natural History Museum/Lawrence Graduate Student BMC Genomics DNA methylation and gene expression in Mimulus guttatus BioMed Central $1,575
Devin Cox Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences/KUMC Faculty International Journal of Molecular Science The 15q11.2 BP1-BP2 Microdeletion Syndrome: A Review Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute $500
Andrei Belousov Physiology/KUMC Faculty PLOS ONE Death of Neurons Following Injury Requires Conductive Neuronal Gap Junction Channels but not a Specific Connexin Public Library of Science $1,350
Robert M. Timm Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity Institute / Natural History Museum/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE A century of Shope papillomavirus in museum rabbit specimens Public Library of Science $1,080
Patrick Monnahan Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Graduate Student PLOS Genetics Epistasis Is a Major Determinant of the Additive Genetic Variance in Mimulus guttatus Public Library of Science $1,500

Awards: October 2012 - July 2014
Name Dept/Campus Position Journal Article Publisher Fee
Joy Ward Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Identification of a major QTL that alters flowering time at elevated [CO2] in Arabidopsis thaliana Public Library of Science $1,350
Jeffrey Krise Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Lysosomotropic properties of weakly basic anticancer agents promote cancer cell selectivity in vitro Public Library of Science $1,350
Rongqing Hui Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Lawrence Faculty Optics Express Complex-optical-field lidar system for range and vector velocity measurement Optics Society of America $1,778
Kenneth Peterson Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/KUMC Faculty PLOS Genetics Mi2beta is Required for gamma-Globin Gene Silencing: Temporal Assembly of a GATA-1-FOG-1-Mi2 Repressor Complex Public Library of Science $1,125
Helen Alexander Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Detection and plant monitoring programs: lessons from an intensive survey of Asclepias meadii with five observers Public Library of Science $1,350
Michael S. Engel Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Faculty ZooKeys The melectine bee genera Brachymelecta and Sinomelecta (Hymenoptera, Apidae) Pensoft $385
William Dentler Molecular Biosciences/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE A role for the membrane in the regulation of Chlamydomonas flagellar length Public Library of Science $1,350
Ruth Ann Atchley and Paul Atchley Psychology/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning Through Immersion in Natural Settings Public Library of Science $1,350
Wonpil Im Molecular Biosciences and Center for Bioinformatics/Lawrence Faculty PLOS Computational Biology Restricted N-glycan Conformational Space in the PDB and Its Implication in Glycan Structure Modeling Public Library of Science $2,000
Sally Rigler Internal Medicine/KUMC Faculty BMC Nephrology Impact of a modified data capture period on Liu comorbidity index scores in Medicare enrollees initiating chronic dialysis BioMed Central $2,000
Rafe Brown Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Lawrence Faculty ZooKeys The amphibians and reptiles of Luzon Island, Philippines, VIII: the herpetofauna of Cagayan and Isabela Provinces, northern Sierra Madre Mountain Range Pensoft $2,000
Raj Bhattacharya Internal Medicine/KUMC Faculty International Journal of General Medicine Impact of Admission Blood Glucose Level on Outcomes in Community Acquired Pneumonia in Older Adults Dove Medical Press Ltd $1,679
Luke Herrington Center for Global and International Studies/Lawrence Graduate Student Religions Globalization and Religion in Historical Perspective: A Paradoxical Relationship MDPI $330
Prasad Kulkarni Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, ITTC/Lawrence Faculty Journal of Software Engineering and Applications Source-to-Source Refactoring and Elimination of Global Variables in C Programs Scientific Research $700
James Lamsdell Geology/Lawrence Graduate Student BMC Evolutionary Biology Babes in the wood -- a unique window into sea scorpion ontogeny BioMed Central $1,960
Stephen Politzer-Ahles Linguistics/Lawrence Graduate Student PLOS ONE The Realization of Scalar Inferences: Context Sensitivity without Processing Cost Public Library of Science $1,350
Yevgeny Botanov Psychology/Lawrence Graduate Student PLOS ONE The Acute Side Effects of Bright Light Therapy: A Placebo-Controlled Investigation Public Library of Science $1,350
Cynthia S.Q. Siew Psychology/Lawrence Graduate Student Frontiers in Language Sciences Community structure in the phonological network Frontiers $1,250
Shenqiang Ren Chemistry/Lawrence Faculty Scientific Reports Symmetry-Defying Iron Pyrite (FeS2) Nanocrystals through Oriented Attachment Nature Publishing Group $1,350
Eric J. Deeds Center for Bioinformatics; Molecular Biosciences/Lawrence Faculty PLOS Computational Biology Machines vs. Ensembles: Effective MAPK Signaling through Heterogeneous Sets of Protein Complexes Public Library of Science $2,000
Michael Vitevitch Psychology/Lawrence Faculty PLOS ONE Speaker Sex Influences Processing of Grammatical Gender Public Library of Science $1,350
Shahid Umar Molecular and Integrative Physiology/KUMC Faculty PLOS ONE Differential Effects of β-catenin and NF-κB Interplay in the Regulation of Cell Proliferation, Inflammation and Tumorigenesis in Response to Bacterial Infection Public Library of Science $1,350
Shang-You Yang Surgery-Orthopedics/KUMC Wichita Faculty Drug Design, Development, and Therapy Therapeutic potentials of naringin on polymethylmethacrylate induced osteoclastogenesis and osteolysis, in vitro and in vivo assessments Dove Medical Press Ltd $2,000
Michael Brimacombe Biostatistics/KUMC Faculty Open Access Medical Statistics Genomic aggregation effects and Simpson's paradox Dove Medical Press Ltd $1,695
Liskin Swint-Kruse Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/KUMC Faculty PLOS ONE Rheostats and Toggle Switches for Modulating Protein Function Public Library of Science $1,350
Rodolfo Torres Mathematics/Lawrence Faculty Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society Series B Minimal regularity conditions for the end-point estimate of bilinear Calderon-Zygmund operators American Mathematical Society $750
Niralee Vaishnav Medicine-Endocrinology/KUMC Graduate Student Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare Is there an increased risk of hip fracture in multiple sclerosis? Analysis of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Dove Medical Press Ltd $1,865
Catherine Siengsukon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science/KUMC Faculty Nature and Science of Sleep Time rather than sleep appears to enhance off-line learning and transfer of learning of an implicit continuous task Dove Medical Press Ltd $1,679
Rahul Pawar Internal Medicine/KUMC Resident Journal of Blood Medicine Inflammatory response following neutrophil recovery postchemotherapy in acute myeloid leukemia cases without evidence of infection: role of homing of neutrophils Dove Medical Press Ltd $1,398
Donita Massengill Shaw Education-Curriculum & Teaching/Lawrence Faculty Journal of Language Teaching and Research The Impact of Word Study Intervention on Adult English Learners’ Spelling and Reading Academy Publisher $254
Xinkun Wang Higuchi Biosciences Center/Lawrence Faculty BMC Neuroscience Gene expression patterns in the hippocampus during the development and aging of Glud1 (Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1) transgenic and wild type mice BioMed Central $985
Scott Mullen Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine/KUMC Resident Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine Barefoot Running The Effects of an 8-Week Barefoot Training Program SAGE $650
Shelley Bhattacharya Family Medicine/KUMC Faculty Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare Optimizing strategies to improve interprofessional practice for veterans, part 1 Dove Medical Press Ltd $1,865
Arthur Daemmrich History and Philosophy of Science/KUMC Faculty Journal of pharmaceutical policy and practice Healthcare reform in the United States and China: pharmaceutical market implications BioMed Central $2,000
Anup Kasi Loknath Kumar Hematology and Oncology/KUMC Fellow Journal of medical case reports Extramedullary progression of multiple myeloma despite concomitant medullary response to multiple combination therapies and autologous transplant: a case report BioMed Central $1,080

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