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Collection Weeding Information

WeedingWe are "weeding" out unused materials - some have gone decades without any check-outs - to better serve the university community by creating more collaborative and study space in the library. We continue to provide an excellent online collection of journals and eBooks, including the JSTOR Archive Collections, so you can work where you want, when you want.

The role of libraries and health science libraries in particular has changed dramatically over the years. The mission of Dykes Library is not to warehouse the historical evolution of the health sciences, but rather to connect people and engage minds through the discovery of information.

We completed weeding the print journals in June, 2015 and the book weeding will be completed by December. In July, all of the shelving along the north windows on the library's upper floor were removed. All journals and books retained in the library are being shifted to the rows just south of the former shelving units. This newly opened area provides more study space. Students are gravitating towards tables and carrels recently placed along the windows and to seating areas with new lighting and adjustable height tables and monitors.

We have set up "Free Books" shelving near the library entrance and along the art wall and we invite faculty, staff and students to browse and take these books. The rest go to the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City Book Project for repurposing. RIKC provides employment and job training to individuals with disabilities.

Book Weeding Criteria

  • Faculty Experts reviewed subject areas and selected books for preservation in the Clendening History of Medicine Library based on:
    • Seminal value for research, history of medicine, ethics in medicine and additional areas emphasized in the Clendening collection
    • Review sponsored by the History and Philosophy of Medicine Department
  • Remaining books are being evaluated for:
    • Publication date - current value to clinical education
    • Current value to research in the discipline
    • Use by campus population within the last 10 years
    • Condition of book
    • Duplicate copies
    • Availability of electronic resource alternative
  • Faculty subject experts from programs and specialties at KUMC are reviewing books and providing input.
  • Selected books for retention are moved to permanent shelves with other shifted journals and books to remain in A. R. Dykes library.

Journal Weeding Formula (completed June 2015)

  • Ten circulations per year for a bound journal volume to stay.
  • To remove, there must be a version of the title available either from our e-journals or via interlibrary loan from other libraries' collections.
  • Seminal journal articles indexed in Garrison/Morton's Index of Medical Classics have been identified and those articles are being retained by Clendening History of Medicine Library.
  • If there is access elsewhere to our low circulating print items we are not retaining.


8,000 volumes have been sent to the annex offsite storage facility in Lawrence, KS as of 2014 for long term retention and preservation in a climate controlled facility. KUMC students and staff can request these items at no charge.

Dykes Library participates in the National Library of Medicine's MedPrint program, a preservation initiative to retain 13 copies nationwide of a core set of 250 journals. Dykes has pledged to retain 25 journal titles as part of this program and all are available via our catalog.

Offering Feedback

Dykes Library welcomes your comments and suggestions on our weeding process. The Faculty Assembly's Information Resources committee representatives have been briefed on the project and will continue to weigh in on our selecton criteria for weeding materials. Please contact us directly or your representative on the IR committee.

Last modified: Oct 20, 2020