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Springer Journals

November 8, 2016

After evaluating cost and usage statistics, a collection of approximately 1,700 journals jointly licensed with the KU-Lawrence campus library system will not be renewed for the following year beginning January 1, 2017. Instead of purchasing the Springer Publishing journal package we are pursuing a KU/KUMC joint license for our most-used titles. Select individual journal titles from the package are being identified on both campuses for renewal using criteria based on cost per use and titles significant to research and instruction. The titles selected for renewal by both campuses will be available to all KU and KUMC users.

Our electronic resource collection costs increase at a rate between four and nine percent annually while our budget has remained mostly flat with a slight decrease in FY2017. We've reached the point where we cannot continually renew large package deals at the rate increases publishers are demanding when many of the titles in the packages go unused. The decision to not renew the Springer Publishing package has also been made by Kansas State University and University of Missouri library systems. You can read KU-Lawrence's statement as well.

What will happen?

A significant number of full-text articles from this current journal package will continue to be available with a one-year embargo through several of our other databases such as CINAHL. We will also retain electronic access to the legacy collection content for which we have paid dating from 2016 to 1997 (depending on publication start date).

Faculty, staff, and students can request unavailable articles through our free interlibrary loan service with turnaround time usually within 24 hours. Our intent is to closely monitor the use of these journals in the coming year, including requests through interlibrary loan. If there is a journal with a significant number of requests, it will be considered for subscription.

Here's a list of the top journals from Springer we've identified for renewal and a list of the top 500 journals expiring as of December 31, 2016.

We need your feedback. If you see titles that you feel are important to retain but are not in our single-title purchase list, please request these titles. As funds become available, we will evaluate additional titles to purchase.

We understand that the libraries' resources are vital for the work you do and we will continue to approach this situation in a thoughtful and transparent way. We will continue to work with the KU-Lawrence campus and jointly license content wherever possible. The need for this kind of action is also a useful reminder of the importance of the commitment to open access that we share on the KU and KUMC campuses. Dykes Library is committed to serving the evolving needs of scholars, students and instructors and we appreciate your continued support.

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