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A.R. Dykes Library

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Study Spaces in the Library

Ground floor study area

Use of study rooms in the library is restricted to current faculty, staff and students of KU Medical Center.

Several seating areas, desks and computers are available on the ground and first floor of the library. Library features include individual study carrels with power outlets, lighting, and some dual monitors/computer accessories. Wireless access for laptops and other devices is also available throughout the library.

Quiet study areas

The open area of the first floor of the library is a quiet study area. Study space on this floor is set aside for reading, solo computer work and other quiet tasks.  See our cell phone policy here.

Large study room

Group study rooms

Group study rooms are available on the first floor of the library and can be booked online here.
We have one large study room that accommodates 6-8 people. Amenities include 2 computers, 1 mobile 46” display, 2 whiteboards, dry erase markers and eraser, and 2 small tables with 8 chairs.

We have a total of six small study rooms that accommodate 2-4 people. Amenities for small study rooms include 1 computer, 1 mounted 42” display, 2 whiteboards, dry erase markers and eraser, and 1 small table with 4 chairs.

workout desks

Active Study

Stationery treadmill and adjustable-height workstations are available for use and are located in the northwest corner and by the central staircase on the first floor of the library.

Dykes project space

Dykes Project Space

Dykes Project Space is located on the first floor of the library (Room 1033) and is available for use by faculty, staff and students of KUMC wishing to collaborate or work on short term projects. This room can only be booked in person at the library User Services Desk or by calling 588-7166. It is not available for online booking at this time.

Amenities for this room include floor-to-ceiling white board dry erase walls on 2 walls, 2 tables, 6 chairs, 1 pc, projector with laptop connectivity, and a small couch. All white board markers, erasers and cleaner are provided and must be used, without exception, to keep the boards in good shape.  View the new Project Space policy here.

Dykes Library Study Room Policy

  • Rooms may be booked for up to 6 hours per day.
  • Students can reserve a study room one day in advance.
  • If a room is empty and has no reservation, you're free to use it and/or make an immediate reservation. If there's a no-show, after 20 minutes we'll reserve the room for you.
  • You can remain in a study room indefinitely past scheduled time but will be asked to vacate if it is needed by others.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended in study rooms. The library isn't responsible for any lost or stolen items. Lockers for temporary storage are available on the ground floor for a refundable deposit of $0.50.
  • Return the study room to the state you found it in. Move furniture back in place, plug equipment back in, and clean up any trash. Anti-bacterial wipes are available at stations throughout the library.
  • Study Rooms must be vacated, along with one's belongings, during designated hours to allow Housekeeping to clean and sanitize the rooms.

Dykes Library Project Room Policy

  • For use by appointment at the Dykes Library user services desk or by phone: 588-7166
  • Key for room is checked out at the user services desk with a KUMC ID
  • Use for students, faculty and staff of KUMC
  • Appointments up to 6 hours per session
  • Book up to one day in advance
  • Agree to use provided Expo brand markers, erasers, cleaners only

Dykes Library Sleep Policy

  • Our policy about sleeping/staying in the library can be found here.

Last modified: Sep 05, 2018